At MME, we believe that environmental protection, local knowledge and sustainable practices are the key to the progress and development of our host communities and the future generation.

We build strong relationships with our host communities and consult with them on our activities and any concerns they may have. In addition, we identify the stakeholders who have an interest in our activities and liaise with the public and governmental agencies, for the purpose of improving industry practices.
With the support of communities as well as administrative and local authorities, we have drafted a reforestation program that demonstrates our desire to prioritise the restoration and reforestation of lands where we operate.

Lessening the impact of our mining activities is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Some of the measures that we take to ensure that this responsibility is upheld include:

  • Minimising as much as possible, the use of fossil fuels;
  • Using biodegradable material for drilling;
  • Acquiring equipment which is at the forefront of technology- To date, we are practically the first customers in the field in Cameroon who have opted for this type of equipment;
  • Encouraging reforestation in villages where the vegetation has been destroyed, so as to assist with carbon sequestration. This measure also provides work and a decent income for villagers;
  • Distributing the results of impact studies on the environment as soon as possible;
  • Taking measures to ensure the conservation and wise use of natural resources and consumables such as energy;
  • Informing employees about our environmental policies, programs and procedures, and the vital role they must play in the success of their implementation. Also, ensuring that only the most effective practices are adopted, so as to minimise our impact and the risk of damage to the environment;