MME strives to create long-term shareholder value through its mining activities.

So far, we have obtained positive results in our exploration for the following commodities :

  • Iron Ore
  • Vein Array Gold
  • Tin / Pegmatite
  • Base Metals (Cu, Co, Cr)
  • Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold (IOCG)
  • Uranium

Our main assets are :

  • Vaimba
  • Akom 2
  • Dibango
  • Bipindi
  • Bani
  • Binka
  • Nkambe
  • Mpouop
  • Ntam
  • Niep
  • Bagangte

In addition, MME currently owns 70% of G Stones Resources.
G Stones Resources holds the licences of Bipindi, Akom 2 and Bagangte. Akom 2 is an advanced exploration project located in Kribi, in the Southern region of Cameroon. For more information please visit G Stones Resources.

We are well positioned to be a leader in the Cameroonian mining sector. MME is a professional, performance-driven mining operation with a highly trained and qualified work force. Our team operates with pride and loyalty and we are fully committed to meeting all our strategic and operational objectives.

The data we have so far obtained and the samples analysed indicate highly promising results. As a potential investor, we invite you to contact us to discuss our findings in depth, so that we can give you a better understanding of the significance of this investment opportunity. Contact

Key Facts

Why Invest in Cameroon

  • Stable country with a democratic political system.
  • Favourable mining code published in 2001 with a concessional taxes policy.
  • Tax and duty-free mining equipment and required consumables- subject to government authorisation.
  • Good infrastructure with :
    • Shallow sea port : Douala
    • Deep sea port : Kribi (under construction)
    • 510 km long railway from Mbalam to the kribi deep sea port planned
    • 4 international airports (Yaoundé, Douala, Maroua and Garoua)
    • 400 km open seaboard to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 10% of capital FOC allocated to Cameroon.
  • Mining royalty rate @ 2.5%.