Mission And Values

Who We Are

MME Inc is a Canadian based company specialising in exploration. MME Inc has partnered with Groupe BOCOM in Cameroon, resulting in MMEC, which is based in Cameroon. Groupe BOCOM is a Cameroonian holding company comprised of five (5) national companies (BOCOM International, BOCOM Industry, BOCOM Recycling, BOCOM Petroleum, Havest BTP), and 3 international subsidiaries (in Equatorial Guinea, Chad and Congo Brazzaville).

MME is focused on the exploration of iron ore, base metals, gold, bauxite and their associated minerals. MMEC controls over 10 000 km2 of high-prospective areas.

G Stones Resources SA is the result of collaboration between MME Inc (70%) and G Stones Resources SARL (30%). G Stones Resources SA is a Cameroonian exploration and mining company, which has been granted three exploration licenses (Akom 2, Bipindi and Bangangte).


MME’s vision is to broaden the scope of available mining-related services in the mining sector. Our primary long-term objective is to develop a fully-fledged mining operation. Once this objective has been realised, we aim to produce and export mining products such as gold and iron ore, to the international market.

Our mission is to conduct geological exploration in Africa. We currently have a well-established and fully equipped drilling division. In addition, our fully operational preparation laboratory is well-placed to support our exploration.

We greatly believe in the potential of Cameroon, the capabilities of the Cameroonian youth and their capacity for socio-economic transformation and innovation. MME is greatly committed to developing the country’s mining potential in order to provide employment opportunities, provide a return on investment for our investors, create shared wealth in our host communities and support the repatriation of the diaspora so they can contribute to the growth of the nation.


All of MME’s operations are driven by the following core values :

  • Legal and Social Responsibility

We operate under the complete recognition of laws that govern our operations. We adhere to all safety, health and operational laws and hold ourselves fully responsible for our employees.
We also recognise the responsibility we bear towards our host communities and the greater society and we take our mandate to transform and enrich our communities very seriously.

  • Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

MME greatly believes in sustainable development and the protection of the environment. From the field where we operate to our corporate practices, we operate with consideration to the environment and with our sustainable development objectives in mind.
We recognise that our economic objectives cannot be at the cost of the environment or the development of our host communities. We also recognise that the benefit of our operations must extend beyond our investors.

  • Knowledge and Innovation

We believe that knowledge and innovation is the key to the success of our organisation. We take pride in the diversity of our workforce and the combined knowledge, experience and ideas that they contribute. We believe in empowering our staff with the training and information necessary for them to be proactive and resourceful employees.

  • Performance

We are focused on producing results and we instil a hard work ethic in all our employees. We use only the best high-performance equipment and cultivate a culture of perseverance and excellence.