Projects Overview


MME undertook an important airborne geophysics (mag and specs) campaign over 9 of its 14 exploration licenses; the campaign was conducted by Geotech Airborne Limited (June -November 2013). The geophysics raw data was interpreted by African Mining Consulting Limited early in 2014. The interpretation of the geophysics data led to the definition of a number of prospects based on mineral commodities including Iron Ore (Fe), Base Metals (Cu-Co-Zn-Ni), Gold (Au) and Bauxite (Al).
Currently MME prioritizes the development of Iron ore projects, which currently stand at four.

Grand Zambi Iron Project

Located in the north-eastern part of AKom 2, Grand Zambi is the flagship project for MME. A total of 30 Km-long highly prospective targets have been identified with lithologies including magnetite-rich biotitic and/or amphibolitic iron formations, amphibolite, and gneisses. Iron formations are intercalated with quartzites, often garnet-rich, grading into or with sheared concordant contacts with paragneisses and locally amphibolite.

Regional mapping has been conducted over the first 3 Km from the eastern boundary. Rock-formations at Grand Zambi show a SW-NE trend and dip gently towards NW. Grab samples collected from the mapped area revealed that the results received from iron formations show values ranging between 35 and 45%_Fe.
A 3,000 metre drill program has been planned to check the geological concept of the mapped area of Grand Zambi. A total of 14 drill holes have been completed and to date, 2300 metres have been drilled along 6 cross sections oriented NW-SE. Results will be available soon.