Our host communities are at the heart of all our policies and objectives. We understand that mutual respect and cooperation are essential to the success of our projects. We are inspired by the communities that we work with and share with them a vision of socio-economic development, access to education and services, and access to employment opportunities. We remain committed to fulfilling this vision.

Communication with our host communities is key to ensuring that our intentions and objectives are understood and that in turn, we understand their needs and concerns. We pride ourselves in our transparency and our willingness to engage with our stakeholders on any matter of concern that may arise.

We have demonstrated our commitment to social development by :

  • Creating jobs for the local populations- Security guards, cooks, housekeepers, geologist aides, mechanics and liaisons
  • Building bridges to provide communities access to farms, neighbouring villages and schools (MME built two bridges in Mayo Binka in the North West region)
  • Providing school books and educational material to children (In Dibango we provided children at Kelle-Bitjocka Primary School with educational material and school books, from class one to class six.)
  • Improving and reshaping roads to allow ease of access
  • Assisting communities in their own development initiatives (In Mayo Binko, we give financial aid and labour for the village water project)
  • Distributing aid in the form of food and water to impoverished families
  • Sponsoring community events
  • Implementing HIV/AIDS awareness and education programs
  • Maintaining water pumps and water systems.